Welcome to Impact 2020

We're looking forward to seeing you (virtually) for this year's Impact Online starting Friday 9th October.

This is the place you'll find all videos and information you need over the weekend.

Ahead of the weekend your youth leader will give you everything you need to join in, including the Zoom links and TaskMasters booklets.

There are only 4 sessions together over the weekend, leaving you space to get on with the fun challenges and tasks we've got set for you.


Each session together will involve:

An all together Zoom call, with some quick fire tasks;

YouTube video message (which you can find here nearer the time);

And Group time using your 'TaskMasters' booklets

Here are the timings for the weekend:

Friday Afternoon - Welcome Video and first instructions (check back here from 4:00pm)


Friday Evening 7:00-8:30pm - Session 1 - 'TaskMasters'

Saturday Morning 9:30-11:00am - Session 2 - 'Divine Intervention'

Saturday Evening 7:00-8:30pm - Session 3 - 'The Great Escape'

Sunday Morning 10:00-11:30am - Session 4 - 'Sabbath as Resistance'

Download your digital

'Taskmasters' Booklet here!

Welcome Video &

Opening Tasks

  • 7:00pm -Zooming!
    (Your youth leader should give you a link)

  • Build a shelter (indoors or outdoors) to sleep in tonight. Be as creative as you can, points will be awarded for creativity and ingenuity. Submit photos and videos.


Photos and Videos

There are two ways to send us your pictures and videos: Email and Instagram

choose below which to use.

Please only send pictures of your creations and tasks, avoid putting yourselves or others in the shot.

We hope to compile your photos and videos to share at the end of the weekend.

  • Instagram


Our email account is moderated by NWBA Team members and editors


follow us and Tag NWBA youth in your post

Session 1 - 'Taskmasters'

Bonus Task!

Creative Rice Crispy Cakes

We're missing all the delicious food at Impact this year, so why not bring the taste of Impact to your kitchen?

  • The Task - shape your rice crispy cake mixture in to the most interesting way you can!! You can complete this task anytime over the weekend or beyond. However, points will be awarded if you submit your photos to us by Sunday mid morning.

  • Instructions: Melt marshmallow with a bit of butter and stir in rice crispies until you get a very gooey malleable mixture. Once you’ve made the mixture add whatever extra treats you want - melted chocolate 🤤, smarties, sprinkles or even the tears of a unicorn 🦄 and start shaping!

Session 2 - 'Divine Intervention'

Saturday Daytime Tasks

Create a Domino Effect Rally

Using whatever materials you like, create a domino effect (or 'chain reaction') type video. You must incorporate your ping pong ball in at least part of our course. Film your course in action. Submit your videos or photos to us through the links provided on our webpage. If sharing on instagram follow and tag 'nwba youth'.

Wellbeing Challenge 

Take a walk for at least 30 minutes (with a friend is ok), switch off your phone, no headphones or social media and think about these questions:

- What are the things in life that I'm a slave to?

- How can I be free from the things that 'enslave' me? 

- What might God want to say to you about those things?

Session 3 - 'The Great Escape'

Saturday Night Tasks

  • This evening watch the film The Prince of Egypt. If you don't already own the film, you could try finding it on Netflix or YouTube, or perhaps someone with a Netflix subscription might invite you to a 'Netflix party'

  • We also want you to create a character, backstory and decorate your ping pong ball, you can use any material you want, but you must use the feathers we provided you with.

A Sunday Morning Message from the Taskmaster

Session 4 - 'Sabbath as Resistance'

Your Final Task

Observe Sabbath Rest!

Enjoy your Sunday... it's been great to share the weekend with you all!

Your Completed Tasks - Great Job Everybody!

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